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My apologies for letting this site get outdated as it has, but I’m going to work on fixing that up this next week. I’ve decided to tackle updating the site section by section. Below you can find a basic outline of what’s to come.

01. The lyrics section of the site. I’ve got all of Slumberland archived, most of Live It Up and a bit of So I’m Told. I’m using lyrics found elsewhere, so if you come across any errors as I post them, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments or at twitter (@leedewyzenet).

02. Afterwards, I’ll start working on Lee’s section. This section doesn’t need to much work done to it, but it does need a bit of updating to get it more up-to-date with what’s going on with Lee’s life.

03. Up next, I’m gonna work on the media section and the graphics section. Those are what need the most work done to them at the moment as I’ve been majorly slacking on keeping them updated in the two years this site’s been up and running. If you have any graphics that you would like to send it, it’d be appreciated.

04. Finally, finish it all with the site/web section, which never really needs work to it. While I’m working on this section, I’ll be working on creating a site map as well, so people new to the site can find exactly what they’re looking for without having to dig through everything.

All the while, I plan on working on a new layout. I’m really liking the way the What Once Was booklet is set up, and I think it’d be interesting for the site’s layout to match the new (old?) CD. I hate to set deadlines, but I’m aiming to get all of this done by the end of the weekend.

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